AMATS: Minnesota Drive Reconnaissance Study
 State of Alaska Project No. 58758


Welcome to the Minnesota Drive Reconnaissance Study website.

Project Description

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, has initiated a Reconnaissance Engineering Study of the Minnesota Drive corridor from Westchester Lagoon through the Seward Highway.  The study is currently researching issues concerning safety and operation that can be brought forward for further analysis as funding becomes available.  ADOT&PF has hired Kinney Engineering to analyze the various intersections and road segments and to evaluate a range of potential improvements.  The final report will aid the Department in prioritizing funds for future design and construction. 

There are three distinct sections of roadway along the Minnesota Drive corridor.  Each contains different characteristics and unique issues and design options.  These are:

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What is a Reconnaissance Engineering Study?

 A Reconnaissance Engineering Study describes the problems to be solved, identifies and analyzes alternative solutions, and provides comparisons of alternatives.  The alternatives are not fully developed and are just broad-brushed lines on paper.  A brief environmental analysis is usually done to look for environmental impacts and issues that would need to be addressed if the project advances.

The Reconnaissance Engineering Study is used by ADOT&PF to help them plan future projects.   It provides a rough idea of the magnitude of the projects so funding can be secured.  If one of the projects identified advances into the design phase, a complete design and analysis of all impacts (environmental, right-of-way, utilities, etc) will be done. 

At this time, no funding has been identified for the improvements being considered in this study.